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You have to understand that domestic cats are very smart and independent. When they want to do something, they do it without hesitation. There are cats that do not hesitate on doing what they want like asking for food, wanting to be alone or play with the owner.

These cats will come with different personalities. Some cats stay silent while some cats love to get noisy and just meow all over the house. Some cats are very choosy while some cats eat what they can find. Some cats love getting attention from other people to get food while some hide inside a box, away from people. Many cats try to be loners but when it comes to the love and affection from the owners, these cats will sit on your lap and love being smothered with care.

You need to know that when a cat wants attention, it will rub its tail or body against the owner’s leg. The cat will also show this through following you around while meowing. A lot of cats are attentive in what is going on with the surroundings, shifting their ears to listen to the slightest changes in the area. A lot of cats love listening and watching as they try to understand the things happening around. Cats glance at the road before they even think about crossing the street, well, maybe some of them.

Cats are known to be intelligent and also showing these intelligent behavior through surprising situations. There are cats that love watching programs on TV and listening to music as well. You can know whether a cat is feeling well or not. Lift it up and see if the cat is light and loose, if it is, it means that it is relaxed and doing fine. A stressed cat is a heavy and tight cat. A cat can be trained to learn tricks, the only difference they have from dogs is that cats are quite lazy sometimes. Cats love doing naps and that is why they call the phrase cat nap.

Cats are very agile and they are perfect for catching those pests inside your home, a mice will have no chance of out witting a cat or even defeating it with speed, cats are agile, fast and smart, they are the perfect hunting machines.

You will also love having a cat around, you will enjoy its company and how crazy they can be, jumping around when you throw a cucumber at it or letting it sniff catnip. Before you read the cat blog you knew so little about cats in fact you never knew that cats were smart until you read this blog right? Understanding these cats will be a wonderful activity for you.

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