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Best 10 Vision and Aging Tips

Your vision will change as you age. Whether you need to deal with some loss of vision or are looking for a way to protect your vision, these ten tips can help:

  1. Visit Your Optometrist

Visit your optometrist if you have a problem with your vision. The doctor will help dry eyes, itchy eyes and too much moisture. Diabetes patients need to have an eye exam every year. People over 40 should go at least once every five years.

  1. Eye Drops

When you have dry eyes, eye drops will keep your eyes moist and comfortable. This is very important because moist eyes have the ability to wash out particles, viruses and bacteria that causes eye infections and problems.

  1. Don’t Smoke

Smoking cigarettes will increase your potential for a variety of eye diseases. Keeping away from smoking, and quit so if you do smoke. Smoke speeds up the harm for your eye because of the free radicals in cigarettes and other factors.

  1. Wash Your Hands

By washing hands and not touching the eyes often, you can reduce your potential for eye infections. Be sure to wash your hands often during the day and keep them away from your eyes.

  1. Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits offer essential vitamins and antioxidants that help keep your eyes healthy. Try to eat a variety of colors of veggies daily. Don’t forget to include some dark-colored ones.

  1. Take a Multivitamin

There are several vitamins which are important to eye health. To make sure you are getting the right vitamins, take a daily multivitamin. This helps protect your night vision and keep your vision healthy throughout your lifestyle.

  1. Manage Your Health Conditions

Hypertension, diabetic issues along with other chronic illnesses could affect the health of your vision. By making the very important changes in lifestyle and managing your illness based on your doctor’s guidance, you are able to avoid a number of the eye-related complications of numerous chronic illnesses.

  1. Use Contrast

If you notice that you are having difficulty seeing, try to add contrast to poorly lit places. Putting a dark piece of tape on a lightly colored step can make a huge difference in judging the step accurately. Increasing the difference between light and dark colors in your home can help you avoid falls and continue to keep function normally.

  1. Better Lighting

Lighting could affect your capability to see. Use bright, full-spectrum lights whenever you can. Get some new light bulbs and be sure that you’ve got enough light to see clearly. If you see vision problems, better lighting will help tremendously.

  1. Sunglasses

Shades aren’t just a designer accessory, they protect your vision in three ways: they filter the harmful UV rays, they keep dirt along with other particles from your eyes, and they keep your eyes from becoming dry because of wind. These three benefits can help keep your eyes feeling comfortable and stop irritation and infection, however for maximum protection make sure you choose a reputable brand like Persol or Ray Ban sunglasses.