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Jewelry was originally created during ancient times. Back then, it was primarily a status symbol meant for only society’s most elite members. Over the centuries, the concept of sparkling, bejeweled adornment grew and evolved. Eventually, it branched out and became more mainstream. Today, it’s a widespread way of accessorizing any type of outfit and expressing inner personality. Jewelry comes in endless forms and price points; of course, some choices are exceedingly more popular than others.

Bold Beauty

For some, bigger truly is better. Large, chunky necklaces; bright designs and patterns; over-sized rings; voluminous earrings and other sizable pieces scream personality and style for those falling into this category. From colorful, sparkling flowers to animal prints and glittering wraparound metallics, big, bold jewelry suits a number of ladies perfectly. These accessories definitely stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.

Understated Elegance

Others tend to veer toward smaller, daintier pieces. Thin gold or sliver chains with diminutive charms, modest pendants and simple pieces have a way of saying it all in cases like these. They’re capable of reflecting a level of inner assets in a way other accessories never could; after all, as the saying goes, big things often come in the smallest of packages.

Stacking the Deck

Bold pieces and dainty alternatives define the extreme ends of the jewelry spectrum, but countless options lie in between. They can be worn separately to fit the occasion, but layers happen to work nicely as well. Stack on a combination of sizes, shapes and patterns for an exceptionally bold look, and take advantage of the outrageous versatility of an extensive collection of pieces.

Whether bold and bright, thin and understated or somewhere in between, jewelry tends to reflect external light as well as internal. Though it was once a symbol of wealth and power, it has expanded well beyond those original horizons. At this point, those wearing the jewelry have the power to highlight its characteristics and value rather than the other way around. Regardless of your own personal style and preferences, an endless array of options are at your disposal. For a wide selection of unique, intriguing pieces, just Look at this site!