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How to Find the Best Storage Unit for Your Belongings

Many people today give little thought to the selection of a storage unit. Most of the time, customers just focus on the cost of the storage unit and they don’t consider the impact the storage unit will have on the cost of moving your belongings into it. It is important that a storage unit be selected that can help you save time, money and work for your move.

The first thing that you need to consider is the size of the storage unit that you will need. A 5’x10′ storage unit is approximately the size of a very small one bedroom apartment with no appliances. A 10’x10′ storage unit is approximately the size of a small 2 bedroom apartment with no appliances, and a 10’x20′ storage unit is approximately a typical 2000 square foot house. The number of belongings you have will determine the size of the storage unit to rent.

Another thing to consider is the type of storage unit. Temperature controlled storage units which are inside of a building and garage style storage are the two styles of traditional storage units. If you choose a temperature controlled storage unit, then your things will have a better environment. It is, however, quite laborious to move things in and out of this kind of storage unit. You should load your items from your moving vehicle to a cart then placed in the storage unit. It will take time for a mover to load things from a temperature controlled storage unit is longer.

When selecting the style of a storage unit, there are factors that you should consider. The number of belongings you have is one consideration. Other things you need to consider are the types of items you are storing, the amount of time you will store the items, and the cost of each type of storing unit. Garage style storage units cost more than temperature controlled units in more urban areas. If you are living in the rural areas, garage type storage units are less costly there. If you only have a few items to store, smaller storage units are temperature controlled and it is recommended since you don’t need much effort to move your few items. A temperature controlled storage unit is also ideal for things stored for more than 3 months. If you will store items like furniture for a long period of time, then extreme temperatures can be hard on them. Also store items that will melt or freeze in a temperature controlled storage unit including your antique furniture and fine art items. For other storage applications no mentioned above, you can store them in garage storage units. This will be less expensive and will save a great amount of work.

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