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The Perfect Guide to Buying Boat Propellers

A boat prop is essential to the movement of boats in water. in a boat, propellers are mandated to make a boat move when the rotate the blades. When the engine of the boat is powered, propellers rotate providing a force that will keep the boat moving as long as they are rotating and the engine is on. Props use the same working mechanism as a fan to make a boat move. Props are simple and look like a modified fan but uses the same working elements just like a simple air conditioning fan.

Key Things to Consider when purchasing acme propellers
The best way to ensure that your boat performs at its level best is buying the right propeller.

The size of the prop you are buying rely maters therefore, you should ensure that you purchase a prop of the right size. The size of a prop is measured according to its pitch and diameter. Diameter of a propeller is accurately obtained by multiplying the distance between the hub and the tip of one blade by two. Bigger engines require props with large diameters because they have the power to rotate the props. Experts define pitch as the onwards movement a prop produces per one complete revolution and its unit of measure are inches. you should select a prop based on its pitch after you have considered the power of the engine that your boat has. The imbalance between the power of an engine and the pitch of the propellers can result in engine failures and other damages.

You also need to consider the number of blades that a prop has. When considering the number of blades you will not need to worry about their sizes. The number of blades can be altered but when you do that you need to also alter the pitch and diameter of the propeller. Most props have three to four blades. With the help of an expert you can use a replace a three blade prop on the inboard with a four blade prop without much affecting the performance of the boat.

A good material used to manufacture solas propellers are durable, affordable and give ultimate performance. Stainless steel, composite and aluminum are materials used to make the best boat propellers for sale. Composite props will weigh less, are flexible, cost less but are impossible to repair meaning you will buy a new one in case of a breakdown. For aluminum acme propellers; their weight is average, flexible and easy to repair but cost more than composite propellers. Propellers manufactured using stainless steel are a bit bulky, rigid and difficult to repair, in terms of cost they are more expensive to replace.
Always ensure you consult an expert before you make any replacements to your boat.