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Essentials for Keeping Cool on a Rendezvous at the Death Valley

Death Valley is one of the places in U.S that most people wish to visit. This deserts is too hot that it attracts so many visitors every year. Despite of its thrilling name, Death Valley has some of the most interesting sites which make it a suitable destination for a road trip.

The only issue is that in most years, this desert records at least two death cases caused by heat. This is because it is a desert with very high temperatures. That is the main reason behind its name. Hence, it becomes imperative to learn more when looking to visit this place especially if you are going with your car. People and even dogs have died in hot cars while on a trip at the Death Valley. Hence, as you visit the place, the following are the three essentials to help you remain cool.

First consider your car. Avoid taking your old vehicle to this place. Following the extreme heat, you can also rule out taking a black car with you. A white car becomes the most suitable for all the obvious reasons. If you can’t get one, you can they choose a bright color that is bale to reflect the scorching sun rays. Another thing that you ought not to miss is high quality air conditioning system. While you will not have the machine on all the time to prevent damages, you can schedule to switch it on so that you can enjoy a bit of cold air along the way.

The second essential is to shelter whenever you have a stop. As you proceed further into the Death Valley, you will the heat will become more difficult to withstand even if you have a white car with the best air conditioning unit. For this reason, taking stops out of your car would be crucial. But, you will not find much relief by resting under the scorching rays hence you need to take along awning. With this, you will be preventing sun burns and heat strokes. The good thing about awnings is that they are pretty simple to set up thus, you will not burn up during the process.

Last but not least, make sure that your trunk is full of enough bottled water. People tend to underestimate the amount of water they would require. However, it is advisable to have 20 liters of water for every person. Just have it in mind that you need to regulate how you take the water. You should avoid taking bigger drinks at a go but rather sip or take a cup of water at an interval of half an hour so that you can remain hydrated all the way.