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Advantages Of Using Instant Drug Test Kits At The Workplace

It is nowadays becoming the order of the day for companies to test their employees for drugs. Many companies are adopting this measure to ensure that they keep their working environment free of drugs. The adverse effects of employees abusing drugs on their output as well as the cost of the company’s revenues makes this step necessary. Even though employees are usually tested for drugs during entry into an organization, it is becoming increasingly necessary to carry out the process after they have been accepted. Rapid drug testing is the most effective way of carrying out this practice in your firm. It’s carried out using either a 10 or 12 panel drug panel drug test kit. Below is a list of the merits of using instant drug test kits.

Can Check for Multiple Drugs at Once
Instant drug test kits are capable of detecting between ten-to-twelve commonly abused drugs from a single sample. Other kits normally require a sample for each of the drugs one is being tested for. The drugs which can be easily picked up by the test kit include cocaine, Methadone, amphetamine opiates, among many other traces in the urine, blood or even saliva samples. The kits are also capable of detecting any combination of these drugs.

It Minimizes Cost
Instant drug test kits cost less than the other kits in the long run. The company will end up making some savings when using these kits, although it may not seem so when purchasing them. This is true because they are capable of detecting a majority of the commonly abused drugs with a single test. When this is compared to other kits, its discovered that they fall short by identifying only a small number of drugs, meaning that you have to purchase a few of them to achieve the same results.

Eliminates the Tendency to Waste Time
For the achievement of the company’s goals of maximizing profit, time is of utmost importance. This forces the company to review its activities from time to time to ensure that any time wasting endeavor is discarded as soon as possible. The instant drug test kits usually provide results in a matter of minutes after inputting the sample. This means that the employees will be immediately released to continue carrying on their duties after the testing is done. Conversely, going to a laboratory would end up wasting precious time that could have been properly used.

It’s Highly Efficient
Rapid drug test kits have an efficiency of between 95 and 98 percent. The results can therefore be trusted as reliable, thereby eliminating the need for repeat tests or unwarranted anxiety. This makes it easier to make staffing decisions easily and with certainty.

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