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The Ideal Type of Barrel to Age Whiskey

Many whiskey makers use different kinds of barrel to create a whiskey that has a unique taste and character that is often accumulated from the barrel they are stored with. For other whiskey makers, they try to use barrels that were once used to age other liquors so as to exude a very unique flavor from the whiskey they are currently storing. Without a doubt one must carefully choose the right whiskey barrel to use.

What kind of wood is best to use in aging a whiskey.

New vs. Old Barrels – Which is preferable?
A number of people are quite confused when it comes to the right barrel to use; some of them are wondering whether to use an old one or a new barrel. The use of new whiskey barrels over the old ones will depend on the standpoint of the makers, some might prefer the old one compared to the new one or the other way around. Do you think whiskey makers prefer all new barrels in aging whiskey?

One of the prevailing reasons why most whiskey makers see to it that not all of the barrels used in storing whiskey are new ones because of its price. Even if you have a cooperage business still you will need to spend substantial amount of money if you will use an all new barrels in storing whiskey.

When aluminum and stainless steel are not yet discovered, many people have their own cooperage, this is where wooden barrels are made.

For some people they really prefer the new ones because it gives off a stronger taste compared to the ones that has been used for a very long time in aging whiskey. This is pretty much the main reason why some people prefer the new barrels.

For other whiskey makers, they use old barrels to create a new flavor or something that is refreshing more so this somehow enhances the flavor. The flavor emitted from these old barrels is not present with the new ones.

Undeniably new barrels are more durable compared to the old ones more so it is leakage is less likely to happen since it is very sealed. As for the old barrel, there is a higher risk for breakage and leakage because of its weakened structure.

What Makes Oak Barrel Ideal for Aging Whiskey
There are different types of wood used in making barrels, these wood species has its own unique characteristic. Among these wood species oaks are the ones that widely preferred when it comes to making barrels.

Many people prefer to use oaks in making barrels because of its durability.

The second reason is that it is non-porous wood.

The oak saturates a very refreshing and desirable flavors to the whiskey.

Oaks are abundant in places where whiskey and other liquors are made.

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