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Showing Holistic and Compassionate Care to Persons Suffering from Schizophrenia

I had a college friend who was a classic geek and he was very famous. Despite of his poor communication skills and sarcasm behaviors towards other students, his personal hygiene was wanting. He used to face difficulties and rough times because of his behavior towards others. We however we noticed that our fellow college mate was suffering from a mental disorder
His episodes did care whether he is in a crowd or social gatherings. For instance, he gets hysterics whenever he comes across someone performing. It is hard dealing with this kind of people as the world may not understand the dilemma they are living in. For you to relate with them, you have to be patient and calm them down when they get agitated, a role I took in college. Through trying an patient, we used to protect him masses of people who seemed not to understand the reason behind his

A lot of people do not understand behaviors of mentally unstable persons and they may end up hurting them to protect themselves. The mentally stable individuals may think is a provocative behavior that these schizophrenia patients acquire. Being not aware of the suffering and challenges our friend was going through due to his mental condition was an excuse given by many. Our institution being a Christian college, I could not comprehend their behavior.

Knowing this is not an abnormality but a mental disorder the society shows no compassion for people struggling with these illnesses. It is a task that every individual including the church, to take charge in caring for the mentally ailing patients. We have to live in reality and understand every disorder is manageable, and there are right medications to help these patients recover. Very true that we believe that God is our true healer, but we have to take the right medication, it does not affect our faith at all.

The big question remains, what effects do mental treatments have on our Christian faith, that is different from physical therapies. I beg to understand the connection of therapies and Christian faith, besides the difference in antidepressants and chemotherapy Dividing the mind and the body may not assist us in building a conducive environment for our loved ones. As the church puts it , that it is a spiritual matter that requires spiritual intervention. We however, need to be real when dealing with the patients who are
experiencing mental disorders.

The change that our brothers and sister are taking is exciting. The church has combined counselling and medication in their care for mental disorders. It is a complete and compassionate step towards the care of our mentally ailing persons in the society.