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Advantages of Pursuing a Degree in Marketing

Students today have a lot to choose from when it comes to degree options offered in universities both online and offline. In addition to the popular marketing degree, you can also find degree programs in almost every field and industry in the world today. Companies today spend huge amounts of money on marketing and advertising, both established and startup businesses. You must pursue a degree in marketing because all businesses and organisations today rely on marketing professionals not only to design but also to implement and foresee effective marketing strategies. The following are the major benefits of marketing degrees.

Career growth is guaranteed when it comes to a marketing degree. To avoid wasting many years hunting for a job, you might want to look closely at pursuing a degree in marketing. As a matter of fact, the growth percentage of careers in marketing is at 10 percent through the next decade. The second reason why you should pursue a career in marketing is when you want to earn a six-figure salary.

Statistics have it that the average annual salary of marketing managers is $130,000. While you may not start with a six-figure salary as an entry level marketing executive, no doubt with determination and competence you will rise the ranks to become a force to reckon with in the field of marketing. Thanks to technological advancements, you are not limited to a physical brick and mortar setup to pursue your marketing degree. Unlike other degree programs that cannot be pursued online as they require hands-on practical’s and instructions, marketing can be undertaken virtually. Once you take the time to find a reputable institution online, you can be assured of a recognised online marketing degree certificate that will kick start your career in this rewarding field.

The other advantage of having a marketing degree is because it is multi-faceted. The field of marketing is diverse and will often work alongside advertising, communication and sales fields. As such, once you identify a good institution, you can rest assured you will be trained as a multi-faceted marketing executive competent enough to work in either of the aforementioned fields related to marketing. Just because you have a degree in marketing doesn’t mean you cannot become self-employed. With some years of experience and your degree in marketing, you can become the most sought-after marketing consultancy. Rest assured a degree in marketing is very profitable in the long-run.