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Why Remove a Skunk on the Property?

People who see a skunk on the property once or twice typically assume it is rummaging through the trash can and will not come back once the garage is removed. While that may be true in some cases, it is not likely. That skunk can very well have burrowed down into the yard and made a den under the building, the patio, the deck, or that wood pile behind the house.

Why Have It Removed?

The main reason to have professionals remove the skunk is the risk of it spraying if frightened or threatened. That odor will take a long time to dissipate, making living in the house, or working in the building very unpleasant. The result may also be nausea, burning of the nose and throat, and temporary blindness if sprayed in the eyes.

People will know to move away, pets will not. A skunk can hit a target from as far away as ten feet. The defense mechanism can be used several times. Some people do not notice a skunk until it sprays in the area. Do not risk that happening again. Once the skunk is removed, professionals can provide a long-term solution by burying screen around the foundation of deck.

Skunks, as well as voles, groundhogs, and mice, will also dig up the lawn seeking worms and grubs for food. That leaves unsightly and dangerous holes, contaminates the soil, and may damage plants or vegetables. These wild animals are proficient diggers so it will not take long to completely destroy the property.

Do Not Attempt Removal

Homeowners will attempt to remove the animal to save money. This is not a wise idea for several reasons. The first reason is dealing with wild animals takes skill, training, experience, and a license. The animal can have rabies or be carrying another disease. It can cause serious injury, a bite can get infected, and the attempt is rarely successful.

Another reason is that trapping and removing wild animals on your own may be illegal. Fines will be higher than the cost-effective services of a professional. Avoid the hassle, expense, and risk of do-it-yourself animal removal. Professionals will be able to tell which animal is burrowing on the property and get an accurate sense of how many are living in the den.