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Why Shaving Aren’t As Bad As You Think

How to Achieve that Smooth-Looking Aftershave Face

The process of shaving may seem easy but getting that smooth look takes a lot of practice. Equipment must be prepared beforehand and knowing some tips is also necessary to ensure a well-prepared shaving process. The trick here is to have a clean and smooth face, free from bumps or any abrasion, which are achievable if shaving is done in the right manner.

Plan ahead the things you need when you are going to shave on a specific day. Things can go wrong if you are going to shave unprepared or at the very last minute. It is also necessary to always have a clean razor, soft facial hair for easy cutting, and some aftershave routine.

The proper time of the day to shave really depends as people have different views about it. There are those that believe shaving is best done in the morning and according to dermatologists, facial hair in the morning is more relaxed compared at night. Some people think that shaving in the evening will help the facial skin feel relaxed and heal throughout the night resulting a fresh morning face.When the hair gets about an eighth inch long, it is best to start shaving because if it gets too long , it becomes very thick and more difficult to shave. It somehow does not matter what time of the day you shave as long as you are well prepared and know how to do it properly.

An important tool to have for shaving is the razor.You can find different types of razors in stores from cheap to expensive ones. Before, it is usually just a single blade but now you can find multiple ones from double to quintet blade. The expensive ones are expected to have higher quality and favorable features.

Beginners can start shaving with the safety starter kit razors to ensure they will have a good DIY first hand shaving experience.

As part of the preparation, the hair to be cut must undergo a softening process. Warm water is the key to help soften the facial hair. Clean the face also with soap to get rid of dirt. There are soaps that are specifically made for shaving, especially those that contain micro beads that help in opening the pores and exfoliate at the same time.

Another important thing to have when shaving is the shaving cream. If you want the razor to easily glide when shaving, you must apply the shaving gel or cream first, in order to keep the hair warm and cut it off properly.

After preparing the tools and face, it is now time to shave. Firstly, you must know the direction of the hair because you are going to shave along with that direction. This done to make sure that the shaft of each hair follicle still falls in the direction of when it grows. Shaving against that same direction will likely cause bumps due to the shaft pushing into the skin and eventually might leave a cut on the face when the razors goes over the formed bump.

When shaving it is vital to do an aftershave skin toning or moisturizing. This is a step that will help the skin heal and feel moisturized, as well as remove any bumps that may have formed. Products have anti-UV protection or green tea are very helpful with the healing process. Those with sensitive skin should use the best nonalcoholic aftershave toner.

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