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A watch is something that every man can relate to. It’s one of the only pieces of jewellery that even the most masculine, non-metrosexual, ‘I’m not vain’, type of man would wear. Whether you’re the type of guy that regularly check this site for your bits, or sells fruit at Stratford market, you’re going to NEED a watch. Having said that, unless your bank balance is too long to read out, we beg you to go easy on the bling. There’s nothing worse than pretending to have more money that you really do (not even having a business idea like this). There’s no point sporting a Rolex while at the same time rocking Asda’s George branded jeans.

Most guys opt for the most shiniest, sparkling watch, however, there are a variety of styles and each one compliments a different look. Let’s dive in shall we…


The leather band watch is a classic style. More formal than a sports watch, yet less than a stainless steel dress watch. These can be worn with semi casual outfits and still look elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for a low-key dinner party or a night out in a bar.

For greater versatility, opt for a brown leather band. Black is all too common. You want people to notice that you have changed your wrist wear from your dress watch and sport watch which are best in blacks and silvers and that brown band will do precisely this. Classic sophistication.


These are your KINGS. Your trump cards. Dress watches are exactly what they say they are. They are your classiest time piece. They are best suited with your suits and shirts. Silver and gold are your best choices here. Leather bands, like we said before, are formal but not ‘suit … Read More ...

Sports Bras and How to Pick One

Sports bras can be a pain to look for and buy. Every woman is built differently and needs different support. Bustier women need a sturdy bra with extra shoulder support and cushion to their breasts support and to help avoid back and shoulder pain. Smaller chested women need not worry as much about support for their back and shoulders, though they still need to find a sports bra that gives support and cushion for their chest. Women also have different levels of physical activity. Women whose level of activity extends to simple movements such as walking, don’t require as much protection or breast control as a female athlete would when they are doing extensive physical training. There are several sports bras on the market, and we have complied a list of the best sports bras of 2018.

Under Armour is well known for making clothes for both men and women that function best as sports apparel. Their material breathes well and gives optimal comfort for athletes by preventing chafing and soaking up sweat after a hard workout. Under Armour’s 2018 style bra, Women’s Armour Mid Sports Bra. The bra comes in at under $25 making it practically priced for most budgets. It works best for A to C cups and gives a second skin fit. It has a double layer classic pullover style with a racer back design. The breathable material allows the user to stay cool and sweat freely without the feeling of clamminess, and gives ample breast, back, and shoulder support.

The Alo Sunny Strappy Bra is a bit on the pricey side at $54. It provides mid-coverage and wireless support. The low-cut bra provides exceptional comfort and mobility and is ideal for A to C cups and is perfect for low impact sports like yoga and … Read More ...

Customizable Ornaments for the Holiday Season

Holiday ornaments are used to decorate Christmas trees during the holiday season. They are also used for different types of arts and crafts. The holiday season is the time for memories and fun and having a customizable ornament to hang on a tree or to put up for decoration, is something that will create traditions for many years to come.

Personalized Identity Bulbs

When a person customizes an object, they usually carry out this process by putting a name on the item. When it comes to customizable bulbs, people do this very thing. A personal identity bulb is a great way for people to create their own lasting Christmas or holiday ornament. People can use various types of fonts on different types of bulbs to create this effect. Putting a name on a bulb helps people to forever remember a person within a family or a group of friends.

Different Ornament Shapes and Types

Ornaments can be created in ways. Most are made of plastic materials. However, some are made of wood, glass, clay, ceramic materials and even stone or metal. Bulbs are also round, flat and even shaped like stars or hearts. Ornaments can be large, or they can be small. Wikipedia points out that ornaments from different types of the world are manufactured and sold in different parts of the Earth during the holiday season.

Special Ornament Designs

The types of customizable ornaments that people hang on their tree can now be customized in different ways. People can blend colors to match their living room décor or they can even come up unique color schemes for their trees and decorations. Ornaments can be made to blend in with garland, lights and even a tree’s color. Remember that trees are no longer just green. They come in a variety … Read More ...

Your Guide for Purchasing Watch Winders

A watch winder is used to keep watches working at an optimal speed, so the time is always accurate, no matter how long its been since it has been worn. Watches can be worn for not only a show, but some have inner significance. Watches can be very personal to those who wear them.

Normally, at the end of the year, gifts are sent to special people. At this time, companies send gifts to their top performing employees, top client etc, as a sign of appreciation. Not only companies do this but also startups and individuals. However, giving out watches to those who you care for or value is a great idea to maintain your current clients, if you are running a business. For individuals and couples, it is a great way to express your love and the extent of your attachment to them.

Watch Buying Tips

When buying a watch for the person you love for the first time, it can be a pain in the flesh. You may end up being spoilt for choice and not have a ready criterion for selecting them. You may Read more on what exactly to look for and a lot of things that makes the watch unique from the other one. Sometimes you may feel that you are being duped. However, there are a lot of things that goes into buying the priciest watches. With the following guide, you will ease your process of choosing a unique watch for whatever occasion.

  1. The Material in Which Your Watch Is Made Of

Today, watches are made from every sort of material. For example, there are those made of shatterproof, glass, metal, crystal, wood ceramic, acrylic, etc. These examples are the most common in the market these days. The material in which a watch is … Read More ...